WordPress's "Title Attribute For Menu Items"

This post will explain how to add the title attribute to WordPress navigation menus.


How can I add the title attribute to WordPress menus? a user of ours asked. The title attribute enables you to add more details about a link. When the mouse is over the link, it often shows up as tooltip text.

Why do menus utilize the title attribute?

Any element can have a title attribute applied to it in HTML; however, links and images are the two elements that use it the most commonly.

This tool can add more details about the link or the image.

On mouseover, most web pages show the title attribute. This allows people to view the location of the link before clicking on it.

Even though many screen readers just read the anchor text, they can also read the title attribute.

Some SEO specialists believe that it isn't helpful, while others believe that it is since it allows you to add more information.

Version 4.2 of WordPress removed the title attribute from the insert link box. But, the rel=nofollow and title options in the insert link window are simple to add.

Let's explore the process for adding the title attribute to WordPress Themes navigation menus.

Including a title attribute in the items of the WordPress navigation menu

To begin, go to Appearance » Menus and select the "Screen Settings" tab from the menu that appears in the upper right corner of your screen.

You must select the checkboxes next to the Title Attribute item on the menu that will drop after doing this.

Each option in your current menu can be expanded by simply selecting " and clicking on it. The title attribute field will now appear.

Now that you've included the text you desire to use as the menu option title, you may reapply it to every menu item in your main navigation.

Don't forget to save your modifications by clicking the Save Menu icon.

Now that you have visited your website, you can click a link in the navigation menu. The title attribute will be shown as a tooltip.

By including fancy tooltips on the mouseover action, you may improve title attributes even more using jQuery.

We hope this post was useful in teaching you how to add a title attribute to WordPress navigation menus.

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