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Are there any hidden costs associated with web design services?

No, our pricing policy is fully transparent. We discuss with our clients about their requirements and expectation and then quote the price accordingly. Once the projected deal is finalized we start working on it and try to complete it within that estimated cost. Sometimes the clients deviate from its original concept and ask us to change the scope of the project which is already underway. In such cases, if there is a need to alter the design we first requote the price to our clients before proceeding with the alteration work.

Can I edit and update my website on my own or I need experts help?

Once the project handover process is completed we provide the necessary guidelines on how to maintain the website and keep it running. All our websites or themes are built on WordPress (CMS) platform which makes them extremely easy to edit and update.

Do we need to have a face-to-face interaction before starting the project?

We would love to meet our clients and have tete-a-tete with them, but that’s not possible all the time due to different time zone or overseas location of client. In such cases we generally complete the project via telephonic conversation or email contact. We then place the prototype of the project on our secure testing server so that the clients can view their work and at the same time send their feedback. This way we constantly try to remain in touch of our clients throughout the project life cycle.

How can I make payment?

You can make payment via credit card, debit card or internet banking. Also, you can use Paypal, the most popular online payment service.

How long does it take to create a customized website, theme or a Plugin?

The duration required for developing a fully functional website, a theme or a Plugin depends on several parameters. A customized website may take anywhere from two weeks to several months, depending upon the complexity involved in the design and the number of updation required in it. The development process may be extended further if you require more pages and additional functionalities in it.

I am not a technical person, please let me know how the whole process work?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a technical person or not, we will explain everything in layman’s terms. We will elaborate further on this in subsequent section.

Should I have to furnish contents and images for my website?

It would be greatly helpful to us if you can provide the necessary text and images associated with your project in electronic form. But if not possible, we will arrange the images and the necessary information required for your project. Further, we will also direct you how to upload the material through FTP or email.

What kind of business do you work for?

Our company works for a wide range of companies including start-ups, established companies, NGO’s, B2B and many more. We also provide solutions for e-commerce companies.

What other services do you provide in addition to web designing?

Apart from web designing we offer services in web site maintenance, plugin developments, theme developments, SEO and marketing, web hosting, domain registration and graphic designing. Additionally, our TheMagnifico team is available round-the-clock to support and solve your problems that you may encounter while using our products.

Will my website or theme be responsive and mobile-friendly?

All our website or themes are designed on the latest version of Bootstrap, the most popular CSS framework that makes our design highly responsive and can be viewed well on a variety of handheld devices including iPhone and iPods.

Will my website or theme be SEO-optimized?

All our website or themes are built with advanced SEO-techniques that will not only increase your web traffic but will also help them to rank better on all search engines. Additionally, it will also increase your website crawl rate.