How Can I Publish Pictures and Posts/Pages on Facebook Automatically?

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One of the most efficient methods of advertising any blog or website is to connect social media with your website. If you desire to make your website and its content socially friendly and optimised for social media, Facebook's status as one of the most popular and active social media platforms will never be overcome.

With a large audience of almost one billion users every day, Facebook has long developed into a hotspot of business and personal contacts that promote new connections and beneficial teamwork. Even if this network has countless benefits, it is totally necessary for each modern website to utilise this powerful marketing plan in every manner possible.

In this connection, maintaining channels for posting your web photographs, posts, and pages on Facebook is one of the real ways to enhance social inclusion and expand your business through Facebook. Posting your website material to Facebook is a low-cost and easy method, along with other methods, to help your website get users.

The fact is that you can easily share your WordPress-based profile, basic information, photographs, and images of your website with Facebook users in a number of useful ways.

Let's start by explaining why you must share your material with Facebook. Increasing your readership, increasing traffic, and socialising your website as a whole are all benefits of connecting Facebook with your WordPress blog.

Adding important posts and pages to Facebook can at least be automated, even though you cannot automate the connection of your website's users.

Let's now look at what you can do to share your website or website content with Facebook's social viewers. In general, there are multiple techniques to approach this subject, which we will go over one at a time.

  1. IFTTT tool for automatically posting photographs and posts/pages to Facebook

"If this then that" is represented by the abbreviation IFTTT. It is a free web-based tool that enables you to utilise your server more successfully. Apps that are activated by updates on other platforms, such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, etc., are welcome to be created here.

Using different methods, you may link your WordPress site to Facebook in order to post new WordPress posts on Facebook pages automatically, post new posts that are created in WordPress on Facebook pages as well, and much more.

You must first make an account on by clicking the Create New Application Launcher button, which is located at the top right of the page.

After activating the wizard by clicking this link, continue by selecting WordPress Themes as the service. After clicking the Connect button, a form requesting significant information about your website will appear. The selection of triggers you can employ is described in the following step.

To continue, select any new post. Click the +that link to select Facebook as the action service.Choose whether to post to your personal page or page, link your Facebook account to IFTTT when Facebook requests your permission, then select the necessary action from the provided boxes. Make a status update, Provide a link and an image from the link.

The creation of action is the final step.

  1. Using Hootsuite's application, Facebook posts, pages, and photographs are automatically posted.

One of the more advanced methods for automatically sharing your WordPress articles on social media platforms, such as Facebook, is Hootsuite.

It's a fantastic way to not only publish your multimedia content, posts, and sites but also to plan their posting times during the day.

Go to and register there. Installing the Post to Social Media - WordPress to Hootsuite plugin is required to connect your website with this platform.

Install, activate, or set this plugin's settings for Hootsuite login and access token.

In the Access Token box, there is a callback URL. Copy this link and paste it in with other information when you visit developers to build an app.

To fill out the correct format, simply click the "Build an app" button. Hootsuite will build an app for you after you submit an application, giving you access tokens and API keys in the process. This token should be copied, pasted, and saved on the WordPress plugin settings page.

Your WordPress website and Hootsuite are now linked. All you have to do is set up the options to share your WordPress posts on Facebook the way you want. Utilise the Enable Account option by selecting the correct Facebook account from the offered posts or page tabs.

You are also free to experiment with other choices for Facebook posts that automatically add the post's title, description, and image.

  1. Circleboom Publish to have Facebook automatically upload your photographs, posts, and pages.

Circleboom Publish is the perfect tool and our preferred choice for automatically publishing text and images to Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages because it is the most complete, dependable, and simple option.

You may quickly and easily connect to and control your multiple Facebook groups and pages on Circleboom. With Circleboom's Facebook Auto Post, you can start sharing your photographs, texts, blog posts, and other information.

On Circleboom Publish, you may benefit from excellent content design and editing features. You may design your Facebook content with the use of the tools created by Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy by using their unique, prepared Facebook post templates, simple pictures, filters, impacts, fonts, backgrounds, and a wide range of other design components. Facebook post sizes are no longer a concern because Circleboom offers customers the best and most prepared ones.

You can share your Facebook content right away or plan to do so at a later, specified time after you make, develop, or upload it. You can batch post and manage your Facebook photographs and texts through your Facebook Groups and Pages.

Moreover, Circleboom Publish supports queue scheduling. By creating intervals and attaching them to the queue, you can post your Facebook content automatically. After then, you can keep sending them.

Right now is the finest part! You can link numerous RSS feeds to the different Facebook accounts you have. Easily post to Facebook automatically from Blogger, WordPress, or even other sources. When you are sleeping, you may keep your Facebook profiles updated and active.

Last but not least, you may automatically share articles to Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages with the help of its "Discover Articles" function. With the help of Facebook's auto-sharing feature, you can find top articles from famous publications throughout the world.

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile are more sites that Circleboom Publish supports. Using Circleboom, you can design, create content, and post it automatically to all social sites.

  1. The use of WordPress plugins to upload photographs and posts/pages on Facebook automatically

The third technique to add your site's photographs and posts to Facebook using plugins is more simple for you if you think that the two methods outlined below will be time-consuming or outside of your strengths.

Many useful component plugins are available and ready to automatically share the content of your website. All you have to do is search through the WordPress plugin library for the one that best fulfils your needs.

We may list some of the highest-rated plugins currently on the market to help you understand what is provided. Some of them are:

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