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Free Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Features Free Theme Features Premium Theme Features
Topbar Section (NO) (YES)
Featured Slider Section (Yes) 1 Content type (Yes) 4 Content type
Author Section (No) (Yes)
Popular Post Section (NO) YES
About Section (Yes) 1 Content type (Yes) 3 Content type
Latest Post Section (Yes) Limited (Yes)
Archive Layout Options (Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, No Sidebar) (Yes) Limited (Yes)
Page Layout Options (Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, No Sidebar) (Yes) Limited (Yes)
Post Layout Options (Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, No Sidebar) (Yes) Limited (Yes)


Free Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Business has no rules when it comes to marketing. They use all the possible ways to reach customers and make them want to buy it. In today’s digital era, website has become more efficient medium for marketing. To make it professional and dynamic, here’s best free Ecommerce Wordpress theme! This Theme will take care of all the things to create a professional website.

This theme has a lot of exciting features that will not only establish your digital footprint, but enhance it day by day. This free WordPress theme is SEO optimized. This will take care of the search engine rank and maintain it. The layout if the theme is responsive, customizable and attractively designed. This theme has CTA i.e Call To Action button for fast response and loading speed. This feature will help in maintaining the position of your website in Google’s list.

Ecommerce website needs enough space for providing image and descriptions of the products. This free Ecommerce WordPress theme has several different sections and best WordPress templates to sort these things. With the customization feature, you can add or delete any section you want. It has Woocommerce plugin to help and secure the online transactions. It is totally compatible with third party plugins. This free Ecommerce WordPress theme is made according to the latest WordPress version. It will notify you about the latest updates from time to time.

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