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Tony Castle

I received no emails asking for admin access. I have searched and searched, the only emails are generic with links back to this post.
You can send screen shots of emails sent and I can as well. No email was received with any valuable information or requests for site access.
I have looked in spam, junk, etc. Why, if even sent, it would come from a different email is beyond me.
As I said, a chargeback has been filed and I am now completely done with this. After days of responses and still no answers or even suggestions it is aparently not reasonable to expect actual support. You could have fixed this 5 or 10 days ago by requesting admin access. You chose to just defend your process and send replies that provided nothing but argument.
I will not respond again. I have given ample time and opportunity for you to send an admin request or provide the answers.

Again, buyer beware. Move on….

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