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Behnam Vakili

In your email, you asked me to create a user with administrator privileges so you could troubleshoot a problem with your themes. I understand that you want to resolve the issue quickly, but I cannot give you administrator privileges.

Administrator privileges allow you to make changes to the system that could be dangerous. For example, you could install new programs, change system settings, or delete important files. If you log in as an administrator, I cannot protect the system.

I suggest that you troubleshoot the issues on your own server. If you have a server, you can install the themes on it and test them. If you do not have a server, you can use a virtual machine.

I also suggest that you test new themes before sharing them. You can install them on your own system and test them for a few days. If a theme has a problem, you can fix it before sharing it with others.

I want to help you resolve the issue, but I cannot ignore the security risks. Please understand my request.

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