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I want to create my own homepage and NOT use the theme homepage. For some reason I cannot get rid of the theme homepage even if I create a separate page the theme one still shows up and my home page is nowhere to be found.
The reason I want to remove the theme homepage is because there is a lot of stuff on there that I don’t need. If I click on (don’t show this specific item) it creates a large blank space that I cannot fix or it doesn’t remove at all.
Reply -> Which sections you want to remove, please let us know

Also the top right hamburger menu with the extra contact menu I cannot seem to find ANY information in the backend of that to change it (my logo) it still shows up with the theme logo and I have no idea how to edit this.
Reply -> Please refer to our documentation for that –

Also how can the footer copyright be changed? Is there a way to remove the ( Developed by Themagnifico) at the bottom? Seems silly that we can’t after purchasing the theme.
Reply -> We have sent you email for that, please check.

Thank you

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