Some Relevant WordPress Trends In The Year 2020!

Relevant WordPress Trends: Back in the day without the internet, it would take months for something to become a trend. But now just a video or meme with million views and it’s a trend! Social media and of course the internet have made it really easy. That’s why it’s called the social media trend. Many people around the world fall for it. It goes on for a few weeks and then fades away. But some trends are meant to stay and nourish our growth.

Do you know there’s a term called ‘WordPress trends’? Oh yes, there is such a thing! But unlike social media trends, it’s the long-lasting one. These WordPress trends will help you in making your website more relatable. Eventually, it helps in reaching more people and boosting the profits.

WordPress has gained the ultimate trust of its customers. When it comes to choosing a website platform, people instinctively choose WordPress. That too for 15 years and going strong for more! The reason why people trust it so much is only because of its perfect results.

Now at this moment, there are 78% of all the websites on the internet from WordPress. That proves why you should choose WordPress to create your website.  

Before we go into the ‘WordPress Trends’, let’s know more about WordPress!

We already know that WordPress is the most trusted platform for website creation. It has two hosts, and! While creating a website you will have to choose between these two. has a ready-made theme where you only need to add content. At you will have to build it from point zero. What makes it interesting is that at you won’t have the authority over your own website. At you will have the right to make changes in it.

But if you want to combine both the hosts at once, then you need to take one thing from each. First, you have to choose your host as Then find the perfect WordPress Theme from the market. This WordPress theme will be ready to use. All you will need to do is add content in it with the ability to make changes in the layout. For this, you don’t need to know about coding or programming. Cool right!

WordPress trends make it even cooler! WordPress trends are nothing but updates on your website. You can choose not to do it. But we are afraid you will end up being as irrelevant as the grumpy uncle in your neighborhood. So, all these WordPress trends are well researched and studied. They actually proved to be very useful for users and viewers too.

So here’s a list of relevant WordPress trends for the year 2020!


Websites are the representatives of our work in the outside world. In the world of market, it has more value than anyone’s opinion. The market keeps fluctuating. That’s why the website has to be flexible along with strength. Here being multipurpose help.

Being multipurpose means being flexible to changes! The changes can be with the layout or the motive of the website. You should be able to switch businesses with using one website with few changes. Now days being multi is a WordPress trend.

At TheMagnifico you will get exactly this. Each WordPress theme at TheMagnifico is customizable. With this feature, you can make any changes in the website you please. Thus making it multipurpose! TheMagnifico will give you the WordPress trend along with the WordPress themes.


This WordPress trend has proved to be more useful. It has a massive effect on the viewers. VRO stands for Virtual Reality Optimization! Yes, you read right, Virtual reality stuff in the website! This technology is mostly used in video games and for watching movies. It creates a whole new world of entertainment where you can be in the stuff you are doing virtually.

This VR stuff already has a deep hold in the gaming industry. But it’s gaining more attention on the websites too. This VR optimization feature makes the website visibly ready for VR. It creates the 3D structure of your website where the viewer can be more invested in your work.

This WordPress trend is making quite a buzz in the market. This can be the beginning of a new era in websites. You can make your website prepared for it by having this WordPress trend.

Module Theme-

This is one of the best WordPress trends in the market. Many have already taken up this WordPress trend and its proving to be very useful. It’s kind of like an update in your WordPress website.

Module-based themes have gained a lot of users’ interest. These themes integrate each domain into several modules for the market. It gives us the freedom and assurance to get help with functioning when we need it. These themes avoid creating bloated pages. It helps in organizing the page layout in a very sorted way. The module-based themes also come with drag-and-drop features. Also, it comes with over 70 different module variations. This is the most relevant WordPress trends of 2020

Video Headers-

Now that’s some WordPress trend! Headers have always been a crucial part of a website. Many spend hours deciding the look of the header. As it is the first thing viewers notice on the website, it has to be perfect. Some use different font styles and colors. But this can literally give you the first impression you want.

The video header is the ultimate way of telling the viewers about your work. It’s going to be a huge WP trend in the future. That’s why WordPress itself is providing features like that in its default WordPress themes.

Mobile Friendly-

Each day we are witnessing new features in smartphones. Every second month comes with a new smartphone with new features. Now we have a computer, camera, and home theater all in one device.

With this WordPress trend, you will have to make your website mobile-friendly. With this, your viewers will be able to access your website from anywhere. This way your reach will increase and profits as well. You can try our Mobile Friendly Responsive WordPress Themes to create your website.

If you follow these relevant WordPress trends you are good to go.

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