How Useful Is Colour Palette For Your WordPress Website?

Colour Palette For Your WordPress Website: If you are a WordPress website owner, you must have noticed different websites with various colors and patterns available. Hence, with multiple options out there it is often a difficult task to decide what you need or what you want. We are here to help you and give you the knowledge of what needs to be done while choosing a color palette or theme for your WordPress website.

Selecting the correct color combination captivates the audience towards your website, which also helps you boost your sales and conversions. The color being your brand identity helps you gather the traffic required for your blog. If you are not sure what color you need to choose or have been confused, then there are a few ways through which you can easily decide what colors you want your WordPress website to be. Premium WordPress Themes have amazing color pallete options to create amazing websites.

Psychology of Colours

Colors often affect human responses. And it has been proven that colors have an emotional pull on our decisions and choices we make in our everyday life. Multinational companies spend quite a lot to create a brand image and identity for their products. They hire experts to pick just the perfect combination of colors for their brands and products. The colors that you select are eventually going to be your brand image. You need to choose colors that create a favourable emotional response for your brand and products. Different colors have different purposes. Whether joy, confidence, fashion, feminine everything can be given a color for the mind to understand the emotion. Some examples are mentioned below:

Red is the color of youth and joy. It reflects boldness and confidence.

Green creates a soothing calming effect, it evokes a peaceful, progressive, and calm emotional response.

Blue reflects trust, strength, and reliability.

Black generates a sophisticated, solid, secure emotional response.

White has two major effects Clarity and simplicity.

Yellow is the color of optimism, warmth, friendliness.

Orange creates a fun, friendly, confident, and cheerful effect.

Pink is associated with sensuality, femininity, romance, and love are the emotions.

Other Things to Consider

There are a few things you should keep in mind before finalizing a color or theme for your site. Primarily, you need to keep in mind the already existing brand image. If you have earlier created a logo and other marketing accessories, then it might be a good idea to stick with the existing colors.

Apart from that a very important factor that needs attention is colors that will look good on the web. Things that look great on print can look quite different on screen. Think about other media like sliders, videos, images, call-to-action buttons, etc that you will be adding to your site. Think about what colors you will be using the most.

Lastly, you should also keep accessibility in mind. A good color scheme will have enough contrast so that it’s easily readable even if your visitors that have visual impairments, which could be many people around the world.

The Choice To Change

We often try to make them look and appearance of our website pleasing. It might happen that due to lack of the above knowledge you chose colors that do not go with your brand identity or the content you are putting across. Therefore, with the availability of the Colour Palette, you get the option to fill your website with your brand colors. A Colour Palette is a cluster of colors that are used to beautify the different website components such as texts, headings, background, buttons, etc.

The colors of the website play a major role in gathering the traffic towards your content. The viewership of your website heavily depends upon the color palette you choose. Your site will look catchy and attention-grabbing with changing colors. The Colour palette is often preferred moreover a monotonous color because it has many advantages. If in the long run, you decide to twerk your brand identity or any other element, then the color palette will be quite helpful to make the changes. You won’t have to edit every single color individually since you can set all the colors of your website instantly through the available color palette.

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