Best Professional WordPress Themes in 2021

Best Professional WordPress Themes: Professionalism is the most important element that drives businesses and clients. A professional website theme becomes more potential to captivate the attention of prospective clients and enables them to build trust in your venture. Your website template has to look professional in terms of the advanced features that are available today with the user-friendly interface. The year 2021 has brought about a revolution in technology. Many updated themes and features are now available that will transform your website rendering it with a professional image. Company image is everything, the more professional your website looks the more it builds your image in the market.

To build your desired professional website template WordPress provides multiple themes with advanced features. Below is a comprehensive list of the best Professional WordPress themes to help you enhance your business.

Charity Zone

Free Charity WordPress theme

The charity WordPress theme enables you to design websites for fundraising, trust, foundations, NGO or non-profit organizations, campaigns health camps, community support, old-age, foster home, and other multiple welfare-related activities

All of the above activities require a website that is designed for people who are looking to provide society with help and service easily and quickly. To make your charity theme look more professional the charity WordPress theme will provide you with the following features.

1. Mobile Friendly

 The charity WordPress theme has an extremely responsive design making it mobile friendly that would not just enable people to easily view its contents but also engage in the welfare activities from wherever they are. 

2. Unique Design

With a unique design that offers multiple theme options using customizer API along with cars and brand plugin functionality, the charity WordPress theme also has the option for the favicon, with title tagline and logo customization. The theme is also compatible with multiple WordPress plug-ins like Woo-commerce which is essential for a welfare organization. Its unique design is integrated with:

  • pagination option
  • enable disable options on all sections 
  • Background image option with footer customization. 
  • custom page templates 
  • Multiple inner page templates
  • Colour palette
  • To give your website an attractive look of your choice this theme offers you an Advanced Color Option and Color Pallets.

3. Font Family Options

The theme comprises 100+ Font Family Options and is completely integrated with Font Awesome Icon.

4. SEO Friendly

To get your website maximum reach it has an SEO-friendly theme.

5. RTL Layout

It offers a right-to-left layout for different languages.

6. Translation Ready

Language is not a barrier as this theme is translation ready, so that anyone from anywhere regardless of the region can contribute and be a part of the charity activity.

7. Social Media Link

The world is driven by the force of social media hence; its Social Media Feature helps you to link your social media pages.

8. New UI

The new user interface has featured product images with video display and HD images. Its blog page enables you to create posts related to your firm with user options of comment threads. Furthermore, you can also add a background image of your choice in the parallax image background section

9. Advanced Options

This theme has advance options that include:

  1. A full-width template with a customizable home page. 
  2. The numbers of shortcodes which will help you add a specific feature to your page, post, or content. 
  3. Footer widgets and editor style. 
  4. Advance Slider with several Slider Images Upload Option. 
  5. Simple Menu Options and support to Add Custom CSS/JS. 


Ecommerce is a predominant commercial approach in today’s contemporary business era to enhance business. It helps increase your reach and provides you multiple client bases from all over the globe as digital marketing has become a boon in disguise for small as well as large businesses. However, creating an eCommerce website may seem like the stepping stone towards increasing business but there is certainly more to it. As there are multiple eCommerce websites, selecting the perfect eCommerce theme that facilitates user-friendly features is more important which may also foster your brand's professional credibility. 

Ecommerce WordPress Theme!

Free Ecommerce WordPress Theme

WordPress is a renowned name in the world of website building and is one of the most trusted and used platforms for business themes. WordPress has been successfully holding up to this trust owing to the features and services it provides its clients with. Let’s have a look at what WordPress users have in store for them.

1. Easy Installation

If you are a beginner and have no idea about coding and programming your website you are just two steps away as the Ecommerce WordPress theme enables you to create a website in no time with your desired features. All you need to do is installing and add content, and your website is ready.

2. Responsive

This theme is extremely responsive as it is configured with a bootstrap framework rendering it with a robust functioning. 

3. Simple Customization

An eCommerce website often requires changes in its layout. The eCommerce WordPress theme offers features that enable you to easily customize and change according to your requirement whenever you want.

4. Color Palette

It offers a color palette with multiple vibrant and sober colors so that you can give it your desired look and make your website look appealing. 

5. Fonts

This theme has over 100 font family options to choose from.

6. Social Media Icon

This feature enables you to connect your website directly to your social media account.

7. SEO Optimized

Your eCommerce website will be SEO optimized maximizing your reach increasing client base.

8. Multilingual 

An effective way to increase global customers, this theme is multilingual and enables you to connect with your customers from any region in the world.

9. Compatibility

It has a responsive design that is compatible with third-party plug-ins 

10. Advance Features

It offers some advanced features like several sections for contact details, newsletters, reviews, and free installation support.

Education WordPress Theme

A perfect education theme helps maximize admissions and promotes the credibility of the school or university. If you want to create an excellent website that is dedicated to learning, then you can consider the education WordPress theme as your greatest ally. As it’s important to choose a theme that looks inviting simultaneously offering the functionality and features necessary for learners to go through their required courses, the education WordPress theme offers these features in abundance. Let’s have a look at some of its features.

1. User-Friendly Theme

Based on the bootstrap framework, the education WordPress theme is extremely responsive. Owing to its minimal design it provides a fast page load time. A WordPress theme that is handy to use with multiple shortcodes making your website flexible.

2. Mobile Friendly

It is one of the best features for students that enable them to easily navigate the website through their mobile phones. This also allows visitors a seamless navigation, browsing the right information from the comfort of their devices. 

3. Easy Customization  

You can have the liberty to create your website in your desired design through the customization option.

4. SEO Friendly

This feature will help your website gain a good rank on search engines eventually maximizing your reach globally.

5. Appealing Design

It has got an alluring appearance that never fails to draw the attention of visitors and increasing the credibility of your institute. 

6. Woo-Commerce Integrated

Woo commerce is one of the most important features required for an educational website that enables you to sell digital courses and physical products like books and related material through your website.

7. Translation Ready

 For better communication with students regardless of the region they come from, this theme consists of the right to left layout along with the translation ready feature. This feature will help students to easily translate the content into their desired languages.

8. Compatibility 

This theme is compatible with all major internet browsers like Internet Explorer 9+, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari.

9. Social Media Icon

 Integrated with social media icons this theme increases your social credibility, maximizing global reach. 

10. Testimonial Section

The reviews of others are important to build trust; hence this theme offers a testimonial section where you can upload the testimonies of users.

Fashion Store Theme


The fashion world is all about glamour, appearance, and attraction. Everyone desires to become eye candy and wants attention through their attire and appearance. Beauty attracts, and fashion keeps changing hence it is a necessity for this industry to update with the changing trends. A fashion website requires a theme that is updated and not outdated. Similarly, it requires attractive features and alluring layouts and colors that are appealing to everyone. The fashion store WordPress theme has all the features the fashion world requires.

1. Unique Design

The fashion store WordPress theme comes with an alluring slider that leaves an impression. With the enable and disable options every portion of the theme is well-stacked. It comes inclusive of a pagination option along with shortcodes and widgets. There is also an option to modify the footer with separate customization. 

2. User-Friendly

This theme comes with a user-friendly design that enables you to easily create pages using the drag and drop page builder. Moreover, it also offers many pre-built contents in the form of custom page templates having multiple inner pages. 

3. Social Media Icon

Integration of a social media icon is the need of the hour. The theme facilitates this option fostering the connection of your fashion website giving it a global reach through these social media platforms.

4. Compatibility

To start selling your products with utmost ease the fashion store WordPress theme is compatible with Woo-commerce.

5. RTL Ready 

As there are millions of people in the world who are RTL speakers the right to left layout hence becomes a vital feature creating a huge difference in multilingual websites.

6. Translation Ready

When users are introduced with contents in their native languages it becomes better accessible for them. A fashion website requires a translation ready feature as fashion is followed from non-English speaking nations as well. 

7. Colour Palette

As fashion is all about flaunting multiple colors and textures similarly a website that is visited by fashion-oriented clients needs a layout that offers a huge array of colors making it alluring and attractive.

8. Easy Installation

A theme integrated with an easy installation process saves your time and energy, this can be instead invested in creating new designs and patents for your business.

9. Free Installation Support

You don’t need to pay for everything. The fashion WordPress theme offers you free installation support to make your installation process more easy and comfortable.

10. Mobile Friendly

A fashion website is mostly accessed from a mobile phone, hence needs to be mobile friendly so that all the features of the website can be easily accessed from the mobile phone providing the client seamless browsing of your fashion website.

Kids WordPress Theme

A kids theme for a website demands cute elements and playful layouts with attractive themes that exhibit the “mini child world”. WordPress offers a multipurpose kids WordPress theme that is designed keeping the Childs interest in mind. So whether it’s a website for Montessori schools, daycare centers, kindergarten, preschool, learning blog primary schools, art, and craft, or any other multiple education-based websites it will give you a head start through its aesthetic appeal.

1. Unique design

The theme has a beautiful and responsive design which makes it exclusive and extremely appealing. It also includes theme options using the customizer API. 

2. Compatibility

The kid's WordPress theme is Compatible with different WordPress famous plug-ins like contact form 7 and Woo-Commerce. Moreover, it is also integrated with the car and brand's plug-in functionality. 

3. SEO Integration

The theme is SEO-friendly and provides you a good reach globally. It will give your website a good ranking and will generate traffic on searches related to kid’s education.

4. Customization

There are myriads of options available for customization that includes an option for the favicon, logo title, and tagline.

5. Colour Palette

Children love colors, create a website that is joyfully attractive and alluring through the color palette and multiple shades that kids WordPress theme offers with.

6. Multiple Templates

The kid's WordPress theme features multiple templates that include a full-width template with several custom page templates and multiple inner page templates.

7. Translation ready 

A translation-ready theme is one of the vital features that enable the users to view all parts of the dashboard in their native language.

8. RTL layout

For languages that are read from right to left, it becomes impossible for someone to read them in the LTR format. Instead of developing a separate version of your website, WordPress facilitates you with an RTL layout option and eases your work instead.

9. Mobile friendly

Contemporary times demand a website that features all its contents seamlessly on mobile phones hence the kids WordPress theme offers you the mobile-friendly feature so that customers can utilize all the features from their cell phones with ease.

10. Easy installation

Usually, the installation process is a task in itself, however with the kids WordPress theme you need not worry even if you are an entry-level website builder. It provides an easy installation process that will save your time and energy simultaneously.

The Restaurant WordPress Theme 

Just as a tempting cuisine with the perfect texture and powerful aroma is enough to lure a foodie towards the cuisine, an exquisite layout and template with recipes, ingredients accompanied with discounts lure customers towards the restaurant website. The restaurant WordPress theme is an ideal theme for food-related businesses that include restaurants, café’s, fast food chains, etc. Moreover, these themes have integrated features that support hotels, resorts, and all kinds of hospitality businesses as well.

1. Unique Design

Built with a responsive layout to make your website run faster, this theme comes with an exclusive design template that is attractive, featuring multiple benefits at the same time. A restaurant requires a blog page to update customers on daily offers; hence this theme provides this option along with comment threads to increase your credibility.

2. SEO friendly

 Your exquisite cuisines and souvenir dishes will just be a click away for the aspirant foodie as this theme is SEO friendly. It will bring traffic to your website according to the searched cuisine.

3. Customization 

This theme facilitates infinite options for customization with some amazing features. It has theme options using customizer API and enables you to customize the favicon, logo, title, and tagline. Furthermore, it provides you with a simple menu option, 100+ font family options, pagination option, enable-disable options on all sections, and footer customization options.

4. Advance Color Options

To render your website with an alluring effect this theme provides you with advanced color options and color palettes. If you have code knowledge you can also add custom CSS/JS.

5. Woo-commerce Compatible

On door food delivery is something that is in trend today. With secure online payments and order placing features this theme is just what a restaurant would want.

6. Translation ready

Ideal for hospitality industries like hotels and resorts a translation ready theme enables clients globally to understand the content in their native language that reinforces the hotel or resort businesses.

7. RTL ready

Some of the wealthiest people in the world live in countries that speak RTL languages. You wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to reach this specific market, especially if you’re building a website for a luxury brand or business.

8. Social media icon

Social media is one of the widely used marketing platforms; hence this theme provides you with the social media icon to connect your social media pages to your website.

9. Mobile friendly

The mobile-friendly feature is an ideal requirement for restaurant and cafe businesses. All its contents from browsing the menu to placing an order with online transactions will easily be accessed through the customer's mobile phones. 

10. Advance features

The restaurant WordPress theme provides High-quality images for your souvenir cuisines that looks tempting and attracts foodies. You can also upload HD images and videos. 

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